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The 2017 Ten Scary Minutes Winner is “7/29/17”!!!

Congratulations to our Ten Scary Minutes 2017 winner – “7/29/17” Directed by Jonah Lovell, Starring Braden Gardner! A found footage film showing the last moments of a young man’s life. In the runner up position, we had a three way tie between “Hanger”, written and directed by Kyle Peed, “Trapped”, co-written and co-directed by Moritz Rembold and Camilio Eimboke and “Meow”, written and directed by Breech Asher Harni.

The 2017 Ten Scary Minutes team would like to thank all the participants in this year’s contest, your creativity and efforts were all amazing! On a personal note, I would sincerely hope you consider cinematic arts with its many facets as something you would consider when looking to future careers. Without a doubt, you are all very creative and dedicated, two qualities which will server you well in any future endeavor.

Thank you to all of the judges for your time and the fans of the site for your support, without you, there would be no Ten Scary Minutes!

’till next time, no nightmares!

Executive producer
Ten Scary Minutes

Last day for submissions!!!

Hello all!

It is the last day for submissions! If you are trying to submit and are having challanges please email us at tenscaryminutes@gmail.com, we will assist and provide an alternative submission method if required.

We are very excited as there are so many awesome entries! Stay tuned, we wll provide a final update on entries on October 2.

’till next time, no nightmares!


September 16 – Update

Hello Horror Fans and People making Scary Videos!

We are a few weeks to October 1, the deadline for submissions and I am excited to report we currently have 7 entries and several pending!

I am very excited for this year and would like to thank and knowledge all those who have and are participating in Ten Scary Minutes!

The purpose of the contest is to encourage more people into digital story telling by providing a venue to showcase your movie, (it is just that we all love scary movies!). I am looking forward to screening each movie and always exited to see the creativity of each of the producers.

Until next time, no nightmares!


Two entries already received!

Hello Horror Fans!

Special shout out to Jayme Coveliers and Breach Asher Harani, the first two producers to submit thie entries for the 5th Annual Ten Scary Minutes, the online horror movie contest.

Check them out and also watch as more entries are posted. Submissions accepted up to October 1, 2017.

’till next time,

No nightmares!


Submission of Entries

Hello All,

We are checking our submission engine as there have been some comments about its availability. Just a reminder, to submit entries, please note the submission engine is open August 1 to October 1. To access please click on “Movie Entries”. Then using your gmail account log in to complete your submission. We use the Gmail password interface exclusively because of the the security and availability. Once logged in you will see a button on the top right hand corner “My Submissions”. Click on that and complete the form, then upload your entry.

If you are still having challenges, please contact me at tenscaryminutes@gmail.com.



Tens Scary Minutes – update!

Hello Horror Fans!

We would like to welcome to our judging and advisory board Mr. Horror – Nicky Jones! Horror aficionado at large! Please visit his site www.horrormoviesandstuff.com/.

Also we welcome back last year’s judges and advisory board Tatiana Krachunova, Actress, Film maker, Technical, Producer; Jessica Cameron, Actress, Director, Fashion Designer; Rick Garbutt, Instructor, Film & Video Production, SAIT Polytechnic; Danielle Whyte, Film Producer.

We are hopeful the Horror Honeys will be able to join us this year!

We are looking forward to another year of awesome entries. So until the next update,

No Nightmares!


2017 – the 5th annual Ten Scary Minutes!

Hello all,

We are back for our fifth edition. I admit it has been a slow start. You will notice we have revamped our site and created a new logo! We are working on a few other things and hope to make available soon – so stay tuned!

For new comers to Ten Scary Minute, please take time to enjoy some of the past years entries in our archive (see the “Movie Entries” link). For the moment, thats all for now, ’till next time,

No Nightmares!


2016 Winner – Mostly Alone

Hello Horror Fans!

The results of the 2016 Ten Scary Minutes movie production contest are:

Winner: Mostly Alone – Chad Santo – Director
Runner Up: Drip – Kyle Peed – Director

I want to thank all the participants for your awesome entries this year! I do sincerely hope each one of you would consider the film industry as a future career path as it needs people like you who are young, enthusiastic and have new and exciting creative ideas.

Also, I would like to thank our judges and the people on the advisory committee. I know your time is very limited and I sincerely appreciate your feedback and efforts. The team here at Ten Scary Minutes looks forward to working with you all again in 2017! Thank you again to you all and until next time,

No Nightmares!


5 days left!

Hello Horror Fans!

There is just 5 days left to get your submissions in for the 2016 edition of Ten Scary Minutes! Right now we have 9 awesome entries including:

Doppelgänger directed by Claudio Matos
Dennis and Halloween directed by Dan Bask
Mostly Alone directed by Chad Sano
First Born directed by Paul Trubela
The Ledgend of Haycock Mountain directed by Smantha Torres
Burnt Church directed by Justin Stearns
Drip directed by Kyle Peed
Dare directed by Max Zawacki
Carve directed by Mitchell Slan

This is turning out to be another great year for Horror fans and we always encourage you supporting independent producers. Also stop by the the Horror Honeys for their scary podcasts about everything horror. The Horror Honeys are creating Belladonna Magazine, Honey Radio, the HH Website, and more! If you want to support their projects check out their funding page.