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This page is for updates about the Ten Scary Minutes video contest and is connected Twitter and Facebook.

Behind the Scenes with Jillian of Davaney Creations

Hello all! We wanted to share a little extra production Jillian of Davaney Creations made. This is her behind the scenes look during the production of one of her video productions. She first entered our contest in 2014 with “Scared Silly“.

She is one of those awesome hardworking talents continually challenging herself with creating new productions. Visit her YouTube site at:

Well fright fans, it is that time of the year again everyone, it is time for the Ten Scary Minutes online horror movie contest! The submission engine will open August 1st and close for submissions October 1st! We certainly look forward to you submissions and hope that through it all, you enjoy yourself and create many lasting memories producing your movie!!

Until next time, no nightmares!


Executive Producer
Tens Scary Minutes

Ordeal – the winner of the second annual Ten Scary Minutes – online horror movie contest!

Hello Everyone!

With the judging forms in and the results compiled, the judge’s selection for this year’s winner is Ordeal, directed by Stephen Gallen!

Runners up for this year are, Dividing Line, directed by Thor Allen and The Cry, directed by Eugenie Dufloo. Congratulations all!

I want to personally thank all of you for your creative efforts and the hard work you put into your productions.This year was very successful and that is because of all of you, the future movie creators and actors of tomorrow! All of your efforts are recognized and the Ten Scary Minutes team will soon be launching our very own Roku channel and working with other venues to show off your productions – all the entries! We encourage all of you to continue creating new productions, learning production techniques and mastering the craft of movie making.

It is our sincere hope that the experiences you shared with your friends in creating your productions were good, lasting and that someday soon, we will be seeing your work on the “big screen”! I hope you will all continue to participate in Ten Scary Minutes and I hope to see you again in 2015!

’till then, no nightmares!


Contest Announcement – Delayed ’till Monday Evening

Apologies to All,

Our 2014 winner announcement is delayed as I am waiting for the results from two of the judges. As soon as I receive their forms, I will compile and make the announcement.

I will email all of you, your scores and comments, (if any), from the judges. For those of you waiting on the hardcopies of your participation certificates, (with signature and seal), a few were mailed yesterday and the remaining are going out on Monday.

A reminder that if you want certificates, (enough for you and your production crew and cast), please email me, (, your mailing address.

Again, I do apologize for the delay…

’till next time… No nightmares..


2014 Judging for Ten Scary Minutes

Hello All,

The judging panel for Ten Scary Minutes, the online horror movie contest, is working the the entries and we expect to be able to make the announcements on Oct 31! Any comments made by the judging panel will be sent to the respective participants.

All participants should be receiving an email copy of their participation certificate this morning. If there are any errors or accidental omissions, please let us know and we will correct.

If you want a signed copy with the corporate seal affixed, please let us know and send us a mailing address.

I want to again thank you for entering this year’s contest and I do encourage you to continue making movies! I also hope you will continue your interest in Ten Scary Minutes and would consider entering again next year.
Stay tuned for the results!

’till next time, no nightmares!


Submission Deadline Extended to October 5, 2014!

Notice: Sept 30, 2014 – 08:00 MST With several participants explaining they are having up load issues as a result of our September 27 maintenance, we have extended the submission period to Sunday October 5. If you are having trouble loading your video to our site, please go to Vimeo, create and account and upload your video there, then, send us the link and all your credit information and your email address to allow us to contact you. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Nearing the close for accepting 2014 entries!

Hello All! We are nearing the close of the submission period for the 2014 Ten Scary Minutes online horror movie contest. All the entries have are awesome and we look forward to the remaining entries.

I am working on creating your participation certificates and I will be emailing them out in the first week of October. If you want a hard copy, please email me your mailing address. I will print, affix the Ten Scary Minutes corporate seal and sign hard copy certificates.

In our efforts to showcase all the entries, (past and present), on an ongoing basis, we are planning a Roku channel and are hopeful to display your works in more public venues. I hope everyone had an awesome experience and through digital media, you have found a new voice to express your creativity and make yourself heard!

Stay tuned on the status of our Roku channel and tell all your Facebook and Twitter fans about your videos and Ten Scary Minutes!

‘Till next time, no nightmares!


The Possession of Michael King: Movie Review

The story centers on a videographer who doesn’t believe in God or the devil. After the sudden death of his wife, he decides to make his next film about his search for proof of the supernatural. He begins to film his participation in occult rituals hoping to disprove the existence of angels or demons. He then finds that some evil force has taken over him and he cannot get free.

If you like a good scare, download this video! I wimped out and watched this on a sunny Saturday afternoon as a good evil spirit movie can really creep me out- this one would have done just that. OK, all the technical was good and there were some plot holes but these were acceptable to keep the pace of the movie. With a focus on a more “Hitchcockian” approach, a story line not built around special effects or gratuitous gore, the movie is both suspenseful and dramatic making it a great scare.

Believe it or not, it was the sound track that disappointed me. With the awesome photography work and story, I thought the soundtrack could have been more effective in enhancing the movie – just sayin’… Don’t let my criticism stop you though, this is defiantly a must see.

‘till next time, no nightmares!”