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With the exceptional video recording capabilities of smartphones, (iPhone, the new BlackBerrys, Windows and Android based cell phones) and the advent of high quality POV cameras like GOPro, Adixxion, Drift etc, and the many user-friendly video editing options like I-Movie, Movie Maker etc., I decided to have a little fun and challenge you to a horror movie contest.

The challenge, you create a short, (up to), ten minute horror movie. It may be Gothic scary, like Hitchcock, shock scary, mock scary or outright B-movie campy! The whole idea is to take that cool smartphone or action cam, use your imagination and have a little fun! The prize, for first place? A whopping $200.00 US bucks, (just enough for pizza and beverages), the social cred of being savvy-cool and well, maybe your production goes viral. Who knows? Maybe you may become the next movie horror master!

This is a not-for profit video contest where our only goal is to to help ignite the imaginations and showcase grass-roots budding movie producers. This is our third year and I hope you will debut in the annaul Ten Scary Minutes online horror movie making contest.

Your video contest entry may be less than but not longer than ten minutes. Most entries have been in the five (5) minute range with 90 seconds of credits which is perfect! But for those of you with a good story to tell, no more than ten (10) scary minutes!

The contest opens for submissions August 1, with the submission deadline October 1. The contest results be announced October 31.

Ten Scary Minutes 2017 Production Team

Executive Producer: Rick Villanueva
Technical Producer: Alex Deac
Biggest Fan: Faye Blais
We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Judging and Advisory Board

Just a reminder, to submit entries, please note the submission engine is open August 1 to October 1. To access please click on “Movie Entries”. Then using your gmail account log in to complete your submission. We use the Gmail password interface exclusively because of the the security and availability. Once logged in you will see a button on the top right hand corner “My Submissions”. Click on that and complete the form, then upload your entry.


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