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This page is for updates about the Ten Scary Minutes video contest and is connected Twitter and Facebook.

2017 – the 5th annual Ten Scary Minutes!

Hello all,

We are back for our fifth edition. I admit it has been a slow start. You will notice we have revamped our site and created a new logo! We are working on a few other things and hope to make available soon – so stay tuned!

For new comers to Ten Scary Minute, please take time to enjoy some of the past years entries in our archive (see the “Movie Entries” link). For the moment, thats all for now, ’till next time,

No Nightmares!


2016 Winner – Mostly Alone

Hello Horror Fans!

The results of the 2016 Ten Scary Minutes movie production contest are:

Winner: Mostly Alone – Chad Santo – Director
Runner Up: Drip – Kyle Peed – Director

I want to thank all the participants for your awesome entries this year! I do sincerely hope each one of you would consider the film industry as a future career path as it needs people like you who are young, enthusiastic and have new and exciting creative ideas.

Also, I would like to thank our judges and the people on the advisory committee. I know your time is very limited and I sincerely appreciate your feedback and efforts. The team here at Ten Scary Minutes looks forward to working with you all again in 2017! Thank you again to you all and until next time,

No Nightmares!


5 days left!

Hello Horror Fans!

There is just 5 days left to get your submissions in for the 2016 edition of Ten Scary Minutes! Right now we have 9 awesome entries including:

Doppelgänger directed by Claudio Matos
Dennis and Halloween directed by Dan Bask
Mostly Alone directed by Chad Sano
First Born directed by Paul Trubela
The Ledgend of Haycock Mountain directed by Smantha Torres
Burnt Church directed by Justin Stearns
Drip directed by Kyle Peed
Dare directed by Max Zawacki
Carve directed by Mitchell Slan

This is turning out to be another great year for Horror fans and we always encourage you supporting independent producers. Also stop by the the Horror Honeys for their scary podcasts about everything horror. The Horror Honeys are creating Belladonna Magazine, Honey Radio, the HH Website, and more! If you want to support their projects check out their funding page.


The 2015 Winner for Ten Scary Minutes – the online horror movie making contest.

Ten Scary Minutes, the online horror movie making contest is pleased to announce the winning video for the 2015 season.

The winning selection is “Transition” directed by Michael Castellon.

The runners up were “The Haunting”, directed by Stephen Gallen and “The Thing” directed by Tetiana Krachunova.

This year’s entries were exceptional particularly in the efforts made by each production team. In the coming weeks, Ten Scary Minutes judging panel will be contacting each entrant providing a certificate of participation and judge’s comments.

Until next time… No Nightmares!


Submissions are closed, 18 entries in this year’s line-up, winner announced October 31st.

Calgary, Alberta October 4, 2015: Tens Scary Minutes, the online horror movie making contest would like to announce the lineup for its third annual contest. This year we have 18 entries and the public can view them at (just click on the “Movie Entries” link in the menu bar).
The Entries include:

“Transition” produced by Michael Castellon
“Innocent” by producer Matthew Cachella
“Clean Beak” by producer Ben Schmidt
“Filled with Darkness” by producer Zehra Berber
“BTS: Backstabber” by producer Andrew Beard
“The Memory Card” by producer Darryl Raven Signgh
“Notes” by producer G. Libucha
“Dark” by producer Ellison Winterstein
“Haunting” by producer Stephen Gallen
“Helen Killer” by producer Grayson Bowman
“Never Alone” by producer Queen Fasbuolo and Jake Allen
“The Edge” by producer Elijah Ennis
“Something Spooky” by producer Aly Dynda
“Bisbee Horror” by producer Tamma Murphy
“Find Pauletta” by producer Chris Courtner
“The Thing” by producer Tetiana Krchunova
“Sleepy Hollow Movie (Film Trailer) produced by Elijah Marasigan
“Smiles for You” produced by Jason Koos

Submissions were accepted through the website: between August 1st and October 1st with the judging between October 2nd and October 30th. The winner will be announced October 31st or shortly thereafter.

Submissions are closed for the 2015 Ten Scary Minutes!!!

Today submissions are closed! We have 18 entries for this year and we shall announce the winner October 31st! We hope all the participants had fun producing their videos, all of which were totally awesome!

We would like to thank the many blog sites, tweeters and film schools who promoted the contest and we look forward announcing this year’s winner. For those interested, the judging form for this year is posted here, (

We hope you all enjoy these productions and may consider entering next year!

Until the big day, October 31st, “Announcement Day”, no nightmares!